The Best Rx…

for Sugar Cravings in Nashville


December 4, 2013

by Alex Hendrickson

Recently, Jennifer Puryear, friend to many of us at SB, wrote to let us know about her discovery of a certain chocolate chip cookie at Table 3’s Market & Bakery that makes her swoon. Her ode to this cookie went something like this:

“I might have just found the best emergency chocolate chip cookie in town, or at least in Green Hills. Have you had one from the Market at Table 3?  It is substantial, and it meets every need. With a crunchy brown outside and enough salt to bring out the sweet, it is not a cloying cookie. It is a cookie that takes itself and its mission seriously. It is a cookie that could be a treat, or lunch. It leaves you happy and content. Happy to be alive! Good job, cookie.”

This got us talking about what we gravitate toward when we have a sweet craving. We decided to poll some food experts and people about town to ask them how they cure their sweet tooth when it flares up. Warning: When you reach the end of today’s post, be prepared to have a wicked sugar craving that may require an immediate fix!


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